The Oregon Companion

A compendium of information about Oregon places, Oregon people, and all things Oregon. More than 400 pages in length and with more than 160 illustrations—most of them historical photographs—The Oregon Companion is an essential handbook for travelers in Oregon, a vital valise of local lore for newcomers and visitors, and a delightful read for anyone with an interest in Oregon. (Timber Press, 2009) See More.Get it On Amazon.

Eating It Up in Eden

A cookbook with a mission and a story. The recipes were contributed by members of Oregon families who have been farming or ranching on the same lands for more than a hundred years. The cookbook was created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program, which commemorates these families’ contributions to the state’s agricultural life. (White House Grocery Press, 2009) See More. | Get it On Amazon

Photo by Wayne Bell

Wooden Beams and Railroad Ties: the History of Oregon’s Built Environment

A web publication of the Oregon History Project for the Oregon Historical Society. Released in 2005, this is a narrative architectural history with numerous annotated illustrations that are suitable for downloading for educational purposes. See More (leaves site)

The Jacksonville Story

A history of the fascinating southern Oregon gold-mining town of Jacksonville, a National Historic Landmark noted for its vernacular architecture. It was published in 1980 by the Southern Oregon Historical Society; a revised edition was issued in 1990. It is out of print, but is widely available through used book dealers. Get it On Amazon.

“Anonymous Architecture Reconsidered: George F. Barber Houses in Oregon”

An unpublished graduate school research paper done at the University of Oregon. Barber was a Tennessee architect who sold house plans by mail from the 1890s into the 1910s, including landmark structures in Jacksonville, Drain, Klamath Falls, and other towns. Available online through the Internet Archive. See More (leaves site)

“Cornelius C. Beekman”

An unpublished graduate school biographical study of the Jacksonville banker, capitalist, philanthropist, and reluctant politician (1828-1915). Available online through the Internet Archive. See More (leaves site)

“’.. and so made town and country one’: the Streetcar and the Building of Portland, Oregon, 1872-1920.”

Reed College BA thesis, 1969. Available online through the Internet Archive. See More (leaves site)

The Oregon Encyclopedia

Numerous entries in the online encyclopedia maintained by the Oregon Historical Society.

Adair Village

Ainsworth House (Mounta Pleasant)


Beaver gold coins

Bosco-Milligan Foundation

Buckhorn Mineral Springs Resort


Coalcas Pillar

Community of Airlie

Dorothy Olga Johansen (1904-1999)

Hanley Farm

Henry Theophilus Finck (1854-1926)

Henry Thiele (1882-1952)

Naftalin, Rose (1897-1998) (In process)

Oregon Historical Society

“Oregon My Oregon” State Song (in process)

Peter Britt (1819-1905)

Portland Public Market

Shanghaiing in Portland and the Shanghai Tunnels Myth

Yachats (in process)

Zimmerman Heritage Farm