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The Latin “rediviva” means reborn, rebuilt, renewed, recycled

Welcome to Oregon Rediviva

Richard H. Engeman is Oregon Rediviva. Richard is engaged in the history of Oregon as a presenter and author, and as a researcher. His recent blog posts on aspects of Oregon history can be found here, along with information on his public presentations and publications, contact information, and links to other sites about Oregon’s past.

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Recent Posts

Mammy’s Kitchen Secrets

Kitchen Secrets: this was the title of a number of community cookbooks issued in the year 1951, and all of them had this image of a Black Mammy on the[…]

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Blandest of the Bland

As a collector of regional historic restaurant menus, I have a particular eye out for examples from Albany, where I now live, and from the Astoria area, where I grew[…]

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Mayor Munson; and/or, Hannah on the Neawanna

    At the instigation of Jan Dilg of the Oregon Women’s Consortium, I recently contributed an entry to the National Votes for Women Trail, a project of the National[…]

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